An independent Hearing Clinic offering hearing tests for children and adults in the Penrith/Kingswood area, and Hearing Aids for Adults in Penrith, as well as the Hills District, Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains


Nepean Audiology Service

ABN: 63-613-459-305

Phone: (02) 4737 3346


Suite 203, 68 Derby St, Kingswood NSW 2747

Normal Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 4.45pm

Consultations are by appointment only.


hearing tests from age 7 months to adult

NO waiting list


more than 30 years clinical experience


independent professional service focusing on your needs


catering for children with disabilities


your convenient local support for hearing aid issues


free parking


musicians welcome


tinnitus advice

Nepean Audiology Service is an independent private hearing clinic offering

Hearing tests for children from 7 months upwards. There are techniques for testing children at different ages and developmental stages which are fun and accurate.

Services for children  with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other disabilities.

Hearing tests for adults including pre-employment, Police recruitment, Aviation medical and Commercial Drivers License tests, as well as hearing aid consultation.

Hearing aid options for adults from a range of manufacturers on a range of budgets.

Advice about non-medical management of hearing problems.

Custom made Musicians earplugs and Communication earpieces, as well as Sleep plugs.

Tinnitus advice.

Audiological services are generally not claimable under Medicare, so we are UNABLE to bulk-bill for hearing tests.

Rebates apply only if your GP arranges a Care Plan for a chronic or complex condition, or if you have a valid referral from an Ear Nose & Throat specialist or a Neurologist.

Services should be paid for at time of consultation. Cash is preferred, but we also accept VISA and MasterCard, or EFTPOS.

Surcharges apply for some card transactions. These are determined by the card companies. Check what the surcharge is when you make your appointment.

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