Hearing Aids


If you have a problem with your hearing, life will be easier for you (and your friends and family) when you wear hearing aids. They help to reduce stress and fatigue, and generally improve your quality of life. Modern digital aids are comfortable to wear and visually discreet.

Newer technology allows you to hear better in the situations where you have the most problems, without having to constantly adjust controls. Solutions are available for specific problems with phone, TV and other audio equipment.

At Nepean Audiology Service we focus on giving you the solution that is right for you. Choose from a range of hearing aid manufacturers and different pricing options. We are not influenced by industry incentives or fitting targets.

Some companies have adopted an aggressive approach to hearing aid marketing that focuses on undercutting prices and maligning the business efficiency of companies who charge more for specific products. For this reason we no longer give hearing aid quotations over the phone or by email.

Our aim is to provide cost-effective hearing aid solutions with friendly local support for your hearing needs.

Getting the cost of the hearing aids down is important, but it is more important that you make the right decision about hearing aids for the right reasonsĀ  - which means dealing effectively with your problems using the appropriate technology.

You can claim a rebate from most Private Health Funds to help with the cost of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are part of a solution to a hearing problem.

13 February 2012

"Today's technology combined with the level of expertise & customer service provided by Nepean Audiology Service enables me to confidently do my job as a police officer on a daily basis in lots of different and challenging situations."


Thinking of buying hearing aids online?

Research shows that successful outcomes with hearing aids primarily depend on two things:

Buying the aid is your idea - because you already know you need it and don't need to be convinced by a salesperson.

You trust the dispenser of the aid to sell you the right device for your situation, and are happy to develop an ongoing relationship so that problems are solved as they arise.

Hearing aid manufactureres and professional associations advise against online purchase of hearing aids on safety grounds. The best reason to buy hearing aids in  a face-to-face audiology clinic is that you will end up getting better value for money, using a hearing solution that is professionally customised for your individual hearing problems.