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28 July 2015

After 10 years + of searching for answers & numerous visits to specialists - it took just one visit to Chris to provide a plausible explanation for my symptoms & hearing issues. Never have I been so excited to receive a diagnosis. Your experience & expertise in your field have benefitted me immensely & I thank you for your dedication to your patients and profession. I could not recommend your services highly enough. Thank You.


7 October 2015

Was fabulous with my very adventurous 2 yr old. Will definitely recommend Chris Johnson to my friends + family, especially for young children.


25 August 2015

Lovely audiologist. Very Courteous. Great advice. Easy to talk to. Best of all, looked after my Harry very nicely!


3 July 2015

I have brought my Grandson 3 yrs old to have a hearing test and Chris was wonderful. I have also had to be tested & it was professionally done. It was definitely reassuring to have a polite and professional audiologist. Also the receptionist was lovely and welcoming.


3 July 2015

Chris was absolutely fantastic with my son. He was very easy to talk to & explained everything simply. Would definitely recommend this service.


13 May 2015

We've been coming to Nepean Audiology for just under 2 years & Chris has been marvellous. He has helped us avoid grommets for our 6 yr old and has been understanding, supportive and informative throughout the whole process. Thank you so very much!


12 May 2015

I first came across Chris Johnson by accident when I was enquiring about an advertisement for an invisible hearing aid that I seen in a magazine, when I searched online for the penrith area I was lucky enough to fall into Chris's hands.

I am a 42 yr old lady who over the past 2 years noticed a hearing loss, I seen 2 other audiologists prior to this who bluntly told me I need hearing aids.

Chris looked at my results and explained clearly the extent of my hearing loss, he spent one hour with me and gave me all the options. He never once made me feel obligated to go ahead with the hearing aids. I left it 6 months before I was ready to go ahead so I called Chris again and I very impressed that he answered the phone, I didn't expect him to remember me but I knew I had to be retested again so I made an appointment to see him.

He spent another hour with me testing me and discussing which hearing aid I wanted. I left feeling the consultation fee was worth every cent. I purchased my hearing aids through Chris and am very happy that I can contact him and see him whenever I need for 3 years with no extra cost to me. Thank you again Chris for making me see that having a hearing loss is manageable and there are a lot of people that are a lot worse off than me.M

Michelle :-)

27 April 2015

Very Friendly Service. Very Helpful with Advice. Recommended Highly.


14 April 2015

My kids have been here a couple of times each, and each time has been a pleasant visit. Very Kid Friendly.


1 April 2015

Sandy & Chris provided outstanding service. His knowledge as an independent audiologist has been invaluable. I am 60 years old with hearing impairment since birth. Technology allows me to wear digital aids. This was not possible just 7 years ago. Chris is impartial to brands and commited to obtaining the best outcome for you.


30 March2015

EXCELLENT service and help. BEST friendly service. Very good people and funny. Love them.


26 March 2015

Absolutely fantastic service - highly recommend their service. Friendly - great with kids, explains everything. Nothing is too much trouble. Have used the service 4 times over the past 3 years and will continue to do so. Amazing with children with additional needs. Thanks guys!


2 March 2015

Thank you Chris for your professional manner you showed my child and myself. Chris provides a great service and explains everything clearly. Thanks again.


9 February 2015

Dear Chris, Thank you for our consultation today. You were very thorough and gave clear, easily understood explanations. All my questions were fully answered which I found reassuring. Many Thanks.

Anne W

9 February 2015

I have been a client of Nepean Audiology Service for over 4 years during which time I have experienced a most satisfactory professiional service.

Anne M

13 January 2015

Thank you for being friendly and providing toys for children!


21 November 2014

Chris was excellent! He has really answered some questions & put us at ease. Great advice for follow-up on our daughter's hearing (seeing ENT). Very happy with Service. Highly recommended!


22 October 2014

The service at Nepean Audiology has been professional and personal, with lots of advice and, most of all, Chris and Sandy made the experience of getting a hearing aid very good.


14 October 2014

I was so very happy with the service. Very Child-Friendly and so helpful. :-)


2 October 2014

Chris & Sandy are the nicest people I have met in a very long time. The Best. Love and Best Wishes.


10 September 2014

Wonderful service, always friendly and professional. Great with young children. From the reception to the doctor's office, wonderful experience!


2 September 2014

I have used this service on two separate occasions for my children. The staff are always very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Nepean Audiology to anyone looking for an Audiology service.


2 September 2014

Thanks Chris for your help with Ethan today. Great service and information.


28 August 2014

The service is quick, professional and stress free. I have brought two of my boys here and the immediate results were great.


21 August 2014

After being here several times with my daughters I've always found Chris to be extremely knowledgeable, patient and caring. I also like and appreciate him explaining everything. I'd definitely recommend. Awesome with children.


29 July 2014

Chris and his receptionist are absolutely lovely people! Chris dealt with my child in a very tender and professional manner! The information I received to help my child was given without prejudice, and willingly. Sandy even made a boat for my son! She's so wonderful. Happy mummy :-)


25 July 2014

I found this service to be very good. Both Chris and Sandy are friendly and welcoming. Chris is very knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend this service.


11 July 2014

Thank You so much Chris for seeing my son Kobe today. Kobe being almost 4 years old, I wasn't sure how he would be.Your professionalism and caring nature to Kobe was most impressive and as a result of this Kobe's appointment went extremely well. Sandy was helpful in making our appointment and very informative with your process. Thank you again for looking after us. Would recommend you to everyone.


1 May 2014

Good customer service. Good follow-up with issues. Great friendly approach.


28 March 2014

My wife and I have been very pleased with the service provided by Nepean Audiology Service. My wife Joyce had previously been advised by a specialist hearing aids would not help her. Chris Johnson, on the other hand, was very caring in his approach, very efficient and knowledgeable in the attention he gave.

His expertise was obvious and the results he has achieved by providing a service and hearing aids for Joyce were exceptional. Joyce has now been able to enjoy her life so much better, both with her family and socially. I recommend the Nepean Audiology Service highly.

John Hiatt OAM

28 February 2014

Excellent service, Cooper and myself were made to feel at ease and relaxed - play based assessment helped Cooper achieve results we were looking for. Good to also talk about 'speech development' and to be reassured it will come.


27 February 2014

Both my kids had hearing tests done. Chris was not only fantastic and understanding with the kids, but also with a worried mum. He kept us informed throughout our appointment, which as a parent is very settling. I would highly recommend Nepean Audiology (Chris) to anyone with any worries about their children's hearing. Thank You Chris.


5 November 2013

Having found Chris last year when our twin boys were assessed at preschool as having severe speech impediments, Chris put our minds at ease with his thorough assessment of both boys. When one of the twins recently started experiencing trouble hearing us, we immediately contacted Chris to diagnose the problem. With an older sister in Year 2 we thought it prudent to check all the kids out. Chris has the ability to be able to relate to both young children as well as the parents with ease. Chris identified the issue with our son as being 'glue ear' in both ears, and offered a number of possible remedies we could work through ourselves balanced with the option of escalating the matter to an ENT specialist. He also identified that our daughter had a milder case in one ear. Happily the remedy recommended by Chris appears to have  rectified the issue and our little ones have no more excuses to 'not listen' to us. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Chris, as my wife and I were very thankful for his thorough and caring assessment of our children.

Matt & Mel

26 May 2013

I saw Chris 6 months ago and I must admit I was terrified of the truth - I couldn't hear properly. He was wonderful, took his time explaining everything and yes I did need hearing aids. Like most people that is something you don't want to hear. Anyway I took the big step and decided to get them. Tha was the best decision I have made in I don't know how long. I am so confident and comfortable in the hearing aides that I have become an advocate for the product now knowing what I was missing out on hearing. The embarrassment of asking "what did you say" - gone! I can hear everything. In fact they are so comfortable I have walked into the shower with them in. Luckily I remembered before putting my head under the shower. I would encourage everybody that can't hear properly to do yourself a favour and get your hearing tested; you will not regret it. Thanks, Chris.


14 May 2013

Chris was fantastic.He identified my problems and provided great advice on my hearing aids, and fine tuned them with great follow-up service. I recommend Chris & Sandy to anyone who has hearing issues.


11 January 2013

Who would have thought an autistic 4 year old boy could have fun having his hearing tested? After having previously taken my son elsewhere for a hearing test that stressed him out so much he couldn't get a hearing assessment, it was fantastic to take him to see Chris. The YouTube video meant my son knew who Chris was and so wasn't frightened. Chris' friendly and relaxed demeanour rubbed off on my little boy so he participated in the test without fear or trepidation. Definitely worth the drive from Chatswood, thank you!


29 June 2012

Wow, I can hear better again thanks to Chris & Sandy. Great people and most caring - highly recommended. Care and time is taken into your needs and they really make sure you are comfy. I have been hearing impaired  for most of my life and I must say that these hearing aids are up there at a high standard, and the technology that's put into every need is amazing. . The TV adapter is just great - I can hear so much better - I'm not missing out any more. I appreciate my hearing and respect it. You only have it once - protect it... Thanks again.


15 February 2012

It's almost a shame my hearing aids work so well - Chris & Sandy are such nice people, it was a pleasure going to the office. As for the hearing aids, they've been wonderful! So comfortable, I sometimes have to check that indeed  I put them on. As for my hearing , it takes some time to adjust to them, and had one small adjustment to them and they are working wonderfully!


13 February 2012

Today's technology combined with the level of expertise & customer service provided by Nepean Audiology Service enables me to confidently do my job as a police officer on a daily basis in lots of different and challenging situations.


10 February 2012

Very child-friendly - lovely staff. Very in-depth hearing test. I was impressed by the staff and Chris Johnson in dealing with the girls' hearing check. The girls were excited to be going for a return visit, thank you. (easy parking)


8 February 2012

Very impressed with the service provided for both my children. Friendly, great appointment availability. Highly recommend Nepean Audiology. My children were very comfortable and happy with their testing procedures.


13 December 2011

I checked out a few local hearing/audiology centres in Penrith for prices of hearing aids & found most  are closely linked with a specific hearng aid manufacturer that governs their prices. At Nepean Audiology Service, I found Chris Johnson welcoming & helpful in discussing the various option for me, and he was able to provide a suitable device for me at a lower price than that  recommended by other providers. Chris is very generous with his time, taking care to explain features of my hearing loss & benefits I could expect from hearing aids. At no time did I feel rushed into making decisions and I had all the advice and help I could hope for - plus a considerable cost saving. I have every confidence that Chris will provide the same high quality service in any follow-up consultations that might be necessary over the years.


14 January 2016

This is my second visit here and I feel I must commend you on the pleasant relaxing atmosphere your clinic portrays. Also the very calm helpful attitude of your receptionist, it's pleasant just sitting and waiting.

J Phillips

14 March 2016

Kind welcoming people at reception and the audiologist was very approachable for my 3 boys of varying ages. Appointments went smoothly and the kids thought ist was fun.


14 March 2016

Been here for my son who is 4, now with Autism. They are so wonderful people here for me to say I am sad that we are moving to QLD and will miss them dearly.


18 March 2016

Chris Johnson & Sandy are a very helpful & informative team. There was one hiccup with my new aids & Chris and Sandy did their best to resolve the issue and gave me free batteries as compensation. I have found their service to be compassionate, prompt & educational, providing me with the most suitable aids for my needs.


21 April 2016

I recommend highly the service of Chris Johnson. He is very patient and let you explain. Thanks!!


18 May 2016

Many thanks for all your patience + taking time to explain the results and implications.


29 September 2016

The best experience, and Chris is AMAZING with kids . . . will never see anyone other than Chris . . . big thumbs up from us!


8 November 2016

Great friendly and thorough service. Very happy.


10 November 2016

The Audiologist (Chris) was fantastic with my children (2 & 4). He made the visit fun & they want to go back to 'play'. Very happy with the service provided.


21 December 2016

Very friendly and very approachable - Excellent Service.


25 January 2017

Thank you for your professional consultations. The reassurance of Chris's knowledge is wonderful. We have visited more than a half dozen times with my children and a calming environment provides for a quick and stressfree appointment.


27 February 2017

Always a pleasant experience with my children seeing Chris. He is very professional and easy to talk to. He explains everything to make it easier to understand the medical terminology. He has a lovely nurturing approach with the children and always makes them feel welcome and not scared.


27 June 2017

We had a pleasant experience with our appointment. No fuss, minimal time, which is great for young children. Plenty of information was given about hearing loss.


17 July 2017

Excellent service & wonderful people. Can't fault the servcie during my time as a patient.


21 September 2017

Nepean Audiology Service has provided my daughter with Audiology services for 5 years. They have always been so skilled, professional and helpful in treating her. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone.


13 November 2017

I would like to recommend this audiologist as he has treated all three of my children. He knows how to deal with all different personalities, with three of my children very different. One is very shy, one is very easily distracted but the other is well behaved. In all three incidents my children listened and completed the tasks given. Due to his easygoing but firm direction I would highly recommend him and all his staff for all future problems and to all my friends that require his special requirements.